Meal Plans for Different Type of Sports

We have loads of meal plans (and more coming!) to help you achieve your goals in your sport. There are both plans for those of you who enjoy sport on a recreational level and for those of you who compete at professional level. Check out diet plans for all sports and physical recreational activities; but if we haven't covered your sport or past-time then contact us.

Arm Wrestler
Meal plan for explosive power in arm wrestling

Badminton Player
Meal plan for recreational and more serious badminton players

Baseball / Softball
Plan to fuel a keen baseball (or softball) player in their training

Meal plan for a typical basketball training day

New Bodybuilder Looking to Gain Weight
Those who are new to the gym and struggle to gain muscle, here's a plan to help you increase weight

Bodybuilder Looking to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle
How bodybuilders can gain muscle and cut at the same time

Experienced Bodybuilder – off season training
Plan for an off season competitive bodybuilder to help 'bulk-up' and add quality muscle

Bodybuilder Looking to Bulk without Supplements
How to gain muscle using food alone and no nutritional or bodybuilding supplements

Bodybuilder Looking to Cut without Supplements
Lose fat and maintain muscle just with good quality food

Bodybuilder – Alternative Lean Mass Plan
Plan for a keen bodybuilder striving to make lean gains, based around morning weight training

Coeliac Bodybuilder
Gluten free diet for those wanting to gain muscle and strength

Diabetic Bodybuilder
Nutritional advice and a meal plan for an insulin dependant (Type 1) diabetic looking to gain muscle and strength

Lactose-Intolerant Bodybuilder
Meal plan for a bodybuilder who doesn't tolerate lactose in dairy products; includes information on suitable nutritional supplements

This plan has been written for an active cricketer to show what should be eaten on a training day to provide sufficient energy and nutrition

Meal plan to suit a frequent long distance cyclist

Meal plan to suit a keen dancer of any type from ballet to street dance

Fighter - Eating on Fight Day
You're at your desired weight, so what do you do to fuel yourself on fight day?

Fighter to Maximise Power to Weight Ratio
How boxers and martial arts fighters can maximise their strength and power whilst remaining as light and nimble as possible

Fighter - Making a Weight for a Fight
How to make a weight and maintain optimal strength and energy in boxing, martial arts and wrestling

Footballer – Training Day
Meal plan for a typical training day for a footballer

Footballer – Match Day
What to eat on a football match day to maximise performance

Active Golfer
Nutrition in this sport is often overlooked, but this plan shows how a good diet and improve your game and skill potential

Overweight Golfer
A plan to help an active golfer lose weight, and not feel tired in a long game

Optimal nutrition plan to maximise performance and coordination in gymnastics

Hockey (Field) – Training Day
Typical training day's nutrition for an active field hockey player

Hockey (Field) – Match Day
Meal plan for match day for a competitive field hockey player

Plan for enthusiastic netball players

What a competitive powerlifter should eat for maximum strength and progress

Rower / Canoeist
Meal plan and hints for optimal performance

Rugby Player - Match Day
What to eat on a match day for optimal performance in a rugby match

Rugby Player - Training Day
Meal plan for a rugby player's training day

Rugby Player - Teenager
Meal plan for adolescent rugby player looking to improve their skill and bulk up

Runner - Long Distance
Meal plan for long distance and marathon running

Runner - Middle Distance
Training day's nutrition for 800m and 1500m running events

Runner - Short Distance
Meal plan for a sprinter and short distance running events

Optimum nutrition for competitive strongmen to fuel strength and fitness

Eating for a top level swimmer

Tennis Player - Training Day
Meal plan for someone who plays tennis regularly

Tennis Player - Match Day
Plan to ensure adequate fuelling before and after a tennis match

Food intake for a recreational triathlon competitor

Weightlifter / Olympic Lifter
Plan for strength for an Olympic style weightlifter