Food & Nutrition Information

Calories used for different activities
Typical calories expended per hour for various household and recreational activities

Glycaemic Index (GI) Tables
List of the glycaemic index values for more commonly consumed foods, grouped as low, medium and high GI and in food groups

Information on Foods and Supplements
We realise that some less common foods and nutritional supplements referred to in the meal plan text may not be familiar to many people, so we have brief information on relevant products here, to help you understand their use in the meal plans.

Information on Nutrients
This section gives a brief run down of all the main nutrients, what each nutrient does in the body, and the relevance of each to your nutrition and may help you understand some of the plans on the site a little better

Lactose Intolerance - A Quick Guide
Information about lactose intolerance including causes, symptoms, foods to avoid, products and types.

Here are a few simple nutritious recipes for you to enjoy. More will be added regularly and many of them tie in with some of the meal plans

Some Simple Points to Help you Lose Weight
How to lose weight; some basic tips!

Vegan Snacks
A few nutritious snack ideas for vegans.

Good Dietary Sources of Micronutrients

Fat Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin A
Animal and plant sources of retinol and beta-carotene

Vitamin D
Sunlight and rich food sources of vitamin D with portions

Vitamin E
Food sources of vitamin E

Vitamin K
Gut bacteria synthesis and rich food sources of vitamin K

Water Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin
Dietary requirements and the main food sources of the B vitamin thiamin

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin
Main food sources of riboflavin

Vitamin B3 – Niacin
Information on food sources of niacin

Folic Acid
Foods naturally rich in folate and foods fortified with it

Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic Acid
Sources of pantothenic acid

Vitamin B6
Foods providing pyridoxine and other vitamin B6 compounds

Vitamin B12
List of foods which are high in vitamin B12

Sources of the B Vitamin Biotin

Miscellaneous B Vitamins
Sources of the water soluble organic compounds choline, inositol, PABA, vitamin B15 and vitamin B17

Vitamin C
Sources and requirements for vitamin C / ascorbic acid

Food sources of calcium, with milligram values

Sources of phosphorous in the diet

Dietary sources of the mineral magnesium

Foods rich in haem and non-haem iron, and tips to help iron absorption

Dietary sources which provide zinc

Food sources of chloride

Natural foods which contribute to sodium intake and information on foods with added sodium and salt

Food sources of potassium

Trace Elements
Dietary sources of the trace element mineral chromium

Good food sources of cobalt

Sources of the trace element copper

Sources of fluorine

Dairy products and other food sources of iodine

Food sources of manganese

Food sources of molybdenum

Sources of nickel

Foods which are sources of the trace element selenium

Sources of silicon

Good sources of sulphur

Sources of the trace element vanadium