Meal Plan for Bodybuilder with Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is not uncommon and there are a number of competitive and recreational bodybuilders who suffer, to varying degrees, with the condition. The conditions presents when there is not enough of the enzyme lactase to digest the milk sugar lactose and you can read details of the condition in our article on Lactose Intolerance, and there is also our general meal plan for someone with lactose intolerance.

If you suffer with lactose intolerance it means that you have to limit your intake of some dairy products. Most people have a threshold and can tolerate small amounts of lactose. Also, there are some specially formulated low-lactose or lactose-free manufactured products available which make a low lactose diet more tolerable. Although most whey protein supplement formulas are labelled as lactose-free, it is generally advisable for a bodybuilder who suffers with lactose intolerance to opt for a whey protein isolate. Whey isolate is where the formula has been through a longer, more through filtering system and the lactose remaining is negligible.

Check labels of foods and supplements. On ingredients lists make sure you check for the following: lactose (often used in medicines), milk, milk powder, milk solids, non-fat milk solids, cream, margarine, whey, whey solids, whey powder, whey syrup and sweetener.

The meal plan below is designed for a bodybuilder who suffers with lactose intolerance and who wishes to gain lean, quality muscle and strength. If lactose is consumed it can cause bloating which is undesirable for someone who needs to eat frequently. Use the structured plan to give you an idea of what are suitable foods to consume and when to consume them in relation to weight training. The plan is a guide and it's important to vary choices; don't relay too much on supplements and make sure the brands you purchase are of good quality. Adapt the plan to suit your own needs and daily routine and vary portions and food choices from day to day. Also, for maximum performance ensure plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluid.

Wake 7.30am
1 scoop whey protein isolate in water
8.00am Breakfast
Large bowl porridge made with 250ml soya milk* + tbsp ground linseeds (+ sweetener, if desired)
2 slices granary bread toasted + natural peanut butter
200ml orange juice
2 sandwiches (4 slices granary bread) + tuna or sliced chicken breast
Drink water
Lunch Large chicken breast
200ml fresh vegetable soup
4 slices granary bread + olive oil** spread
Drink water
2 squares Easy Flapjack
1 scoop whey protein isolate in water
Item fruit
Drink water
45 mins pre-workout
80g chicken breast
Large handful mixed nuts
2 oatcakes

TRAIN – 45-60 minutes

Immediately post workout
2 scoops whey protein isolate + 20g maltodextrin in water
Lean steak or 2 lean pork chops
100g boiled Basmati rice or 5-6 small boiled new potatoes or large dry roasted sweet potato
Large serving of vegetables
No Allergy Fruit Smoothie + 1 scoop whey protein isolate
2-3 oatcakes or rye crispbread with natural peanut butter
80g mackerel fillet

* to ensure adequate calcium, make sure the soya milk is calcium-enriched

** check food label

Weight training should be three or four times per week with intense sessions for 45-60 minutes maximum. It would also be an idea to incorporate 45 minutes low intensity steady aerobic exercise twice per week to help with cardiovascular health and to help keep body fat levels down.

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