The Meal Plan Site

We help you improve your eating

This internet resource provides example meal plans and eating regimens for a huge array of different people with different nutritional requirements, sports, pastimes and lifestyles. It also aims to provide more meal plans, as we build on this invaluable resource.

Our goal is to have meal plans which can be used as a guide for individuals to follow to suit them.

Popular Plans

Here's some of our most sought after meal plans

Elderly / Senior Person

For an elderly person who is moderately active and in reasonable health


For someone who follows a 'vegetarian diet' but includes fish and seafood


Foods to avoid and a low purine diet for people with gout / metabolic arthritis

Weight Gain

Tips and diet plan to help those with a poor appetite

Adolescents / Teens

Plan for a healthy, nutritious and convenient food intake

Runner - Short Distance

Meal plan for a sprinter and short distance running events

The Meal Plan Site also includes a number of useful recipes; food & supplement information; facts about nutrients and good dietary sources of micronutrients.

Our about page gives even more information about what's available on The Meal Plan Site.