Meal Plans for People Eating an Alternative Diet

Many people enjoy a diet excluding certain foods or food groups for reasons based on cultural, ethnic or social factors, or merely through their own choice or likes/dislikes. This includes vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, Kosher and Halal. Here are some meal plans to suit these different lifestyle choices for a range of nutritional requirements.

A typical meal plan for a lacto-ovo vegetarian who includes milk, dairy products and eggs in their diet

This meal plan is a healthy regimen for someone who follows a 'vegetarian diet' but includes fish and seafood

A plan for pollotarianism. If you exclude red meat and fish, but consume chicken, turkey and other poultry this plan is for you

Pesce-pollotarians exclude red meat only but enjoy fish and poultry, as described in this meal plan

Are you a semi-vegetarian?

A meal plan to suit strict vegans who exclude all animal products from their diets

Meal plan for those whose diet consists solely of raw fruit, nuts and seeds

Healthy meal plan for Muslims who follow a Halal diet

An eating plan to help a fasting Muslim obtain adequate nutrition during the Islamic lunar month of Ramadan

Information and a meal plan for Jewish people who follow a Kosher diet