Meal Plan for a Shift Worker – Early Shift

p>Three plans covering different shifts for shift workers are on this site.

Early shift - below
Late shift – click here
Night shift – click here

The plans are based on a moderately active job on the traditional shift pattern, for example, factory workers, warehouse employees, forklift truck drivers, etc. These jobs do not require a large amount of strength but for good health and adequate energy, a regular meal pattern is desirable. Typical shift patterns will be 6am – 2pm (early), 2pm – 10pm (late), 10pm-6am (night) though they may differ slightly, in which case adjust timings appropriately.

Food choices are not snack junk foods, rather healthy food choices, with the focus on regular eating. The plans have also been designed to involve home-made snacks and lunches to ensure you have control over your own food, as well as to save money.

The intake is based on an average weight individual for weight maintenance. For energy the base of each meal and snack is on slow releasing carbohydrate foods and don't forget to drink plenty of water. Like all plans, it is merely an example and needs to be adapted to suit an individual's own lifestyle, daily routine and nutritional requirements. Use this to give you an idea of what are healthy nutritious foods to include, but don't forget to vary your food choices.

For your days off, try to integrate yourself into a regular and structured eating plan, according to what shift you've just come off, and when you like to get up.

Breakfast 5.00am
Large bowl high fibre cereal (like Weetabix, bran flakes, Shreddies, muesli, porridge, etc) + 250ml skimmed milk
or 2 slices granary bread (toasted) + olive oil based spread + jam/peanut butter
200ml fruit juice
Mug tea/coffee
Break 9.00am
Sandwich: 2 slices granary bread + olive oil-based spread + slice chicken / ham or 60g cheese
Item fruit
Lunch 12.00pm
Sandwich: 2 slices granary bread + olive oil-based spread + slice chicken/ ham or tuna in low fat natural yoghurt or smoked salmon
Mixed salad
Low fat / low sugar yoghurt
Home from work 3.00pm
3-4 oatcakes + cottage cheese / quark / low fat soft cheese
or 2 squares home-made easy flapjack
Item fruit
Evening Meal 6.00pm
150g chicken breast or 170g white fish or 150g lean meat
60g tblsp basmati rice or 70g wholewheat pasta or serving potatoes
Loads of veg or large salad
Low fat / low sugar yoghurt
Hour pre-bed
Large handful nuts
Plans for people with illness or medical conditions in no way should override advice provided specifically for you by your doctor, clinical dietitian or other clinician. We advise that you seek the advice of a suitably qualified physician before commencing any exercise regime, following any dietary or nutritional regimen or beginning the use of any dietary supplements, legal or otherwise. The information provided on the Website is intended as information only and does not constitute advice. Therefore, it must not be relied on to assist in making or refraining from making a decision, or to assist in deciding on a course of action.